From major films ("Black Dogs") to indie projects (HBO's "Heartache"), Jeff is an experienced music supervisor with numerous international awards including an Emmy nomination.  He works in both the kid's space and the non-kid's music space.

He has supervised projects for: Lionsgate, HBO, MTV, Sony, PBS, Disney and many other top companies all over the world.

Whether you need an orchestra in Prague, an indie rock band in Toronto, or an experienced film composer in LA - Jeff has the contacts and resources to get you the right talent at the right price.

Basic service he provides include:

1. Meet with client. Understand the project's musical needs (underscore, songs, licensed material);  budget and schedule.

2. Solicit pitches and reels from an array of talent to give producers the choice.  Introduce both established and undiscovered talent.

3.  Negotiate contracts with all service providers.

4. Supervise spotting, schedule, technical issues and deliveries.

5. Clear all licenses, find library cues and negotiate any syncs. 

6. Be available to attend any sessions or mixes.  

7. File final cue sheets with all licensing agencies. 

8. Set up, register, administer publishing companies.

Contact:    Studio 845-610-3521, Cell 201-988-8865